“Each spoonful contains the universe”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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… a blog for healthy vegan delights!
Food makes us happy!

We eat 4-6 times a day. Eating is one of the most deeply rooted routines and habits in our lives. Delicious meals make us happy, satisfied and of course full.
But food is also in the very literal sense nutrition, it nourishes our body. Through digestion, our body builds our new cells. So, everything we eat will literally be part of us forever!

This train of thought had me rethinking food in its entirety.What (food-) stuff do I want to be made of? Glyphosate and pesticides? Genetically modified cells? Preservatives, antibiotics and chemical flavor enhancers?

Wouldn’t I rather be “hosting” natural, full, vibrant victuals? The answer is obvious…

At first it can prove challenging to change one’s diet. Habits are hard to change! But here’s an encouraging fact: If we manage to change those habits, our new rituals become just as firmly rooted and grow into habits themselves!
If we must have routines, they may as well be healthy routines! Since we eat anyway, we may as well feed ourselves with good food.

After several years of reading, studying and tasting the idea arose to share my experiences: Blattgold was born. Through these pages and my culinary workshops in Berlin, I want to supply you with tips and recipes for a wholefood, delicious vegan diet, enjoyable for grownups and little ones alike.
If you are looking for cane or beet sugar, wheat and soybeans, as well as highly processed (replacement) products, keep looking. You won’t find them in any of my recipes.

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Here I will give detailed information on my favorite
and key ingredients. In the area basics you will also find an introduction to the basic techniques such as fermentation, sprouting, soaking…

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Be it breakfast, smoothies, sweet treats, main dishes or bread… Click here for a step by step guide to the Blattgold creations.