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Willkommen bei Blattgold

Food makes us happy!

On Blattgold I want to share with you tips and recipes for a wholefood, delicious vegan diet, enjoyable for grownups and little ones alike.
If you are looking for cane or beet sugar, wheat and soybeans, as well as highly processed (replacement) products, keep looking. You won’t find them in any of my recipes.

I’m Anna, I once studied communication and media studies, am a graphic designer, a mother of two very hungry caterpillars, a vegan, a passionate cook, a fan of wild herbs and a food blogger. I’m from Berlin originally, but recently moved to the idyllic Cotswolds in central England with my family. A creative downtime in which I dedicate myself to mixing, cooking, baking, dehydrating… and the like. Countless new delights have emerged, inspired by the tranquility of the countryside, but also by simple need; many of our favorite German products are not available here.

So if you’re looking for healthy and easy dishes you can’t get enough of: you’ve found the right spot!

My recipes are designed for a preparation that is easy, quick and equally suitable for children. And created in a way that has little ones eat them, too!
Exactly how to manage this, I tell here.

Also, I would like to gather some basics.
What’s inside those ingredients? What are healthy ways to sweeten the deal? Why soak nuts? How do I make my own flour? How do I get enough protein? And what about vitamin B12? etc. This information, of course, is not new at all. But I want to bundle it in one place, so you can quickly look it up anytime

Vegane Rezepte Ernährungsumstellung
vegane Ernährung von Kindern

That way, you have your arguments in order for the regularly arising worry-led talks with relatives, especially when it comes to vegan child nutrition.

For the same reason I will provide an overview of the most valuable reasons for a plant based diet here .
In related news, I’ll be moving back to Berlin after summer and the upcoming winter will see the premier of courses on different focal points in the wonderful Liquid Garden in Berlin. Read more (in German) here.
Ready? Get your spoon!
Have fun browsing. I look forward to your ideas and comments!

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  1. Hallo Anna,

    Seid Anfang des Jahres lebe ich vegetarisch und möchte nun aber eine vollwertige Vegane Ernährung ausprobieren. Ich weiß allerdings noch nicht so ganz wie eine vegane ernähring aufgebaut ist und wollte mich daher beraten lassen.

    L. G. Nele

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