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I used to offer workshops and coaching in Berlin only. However, starting September 21 I will be traveling with my family. First stop: Kerry, Ireland.
First Irish Workshops are scheduled for January 2023! Check below for updates.

Also, over the last 12 months I had the chance to discover that most of the things I offer also work online. So I am happy to finally officially announce: you can now talk to me from anywhere in the world, in German or English and I am happy to share everything I have to give with you. What exactly is this “everything”?

vegane Kochkurse in Berlin
vegane Kochkurse in Berlin
vegane Rezepte für Kinder und Familie

Clean Eating Cosultations

My home territory is nutrition. We can talk minerals, vitamins, fats and amino acids … look fo sugarfree options that fit your lifestyle, help you lose extra weight or anything else you would like to get rid off: skin issues, pain, stress.

I would like to offer you a new perspective on clean eating: It’s not abstinence, but pleasure and delight! If you look at it this way it’s much easier to stay focussed, motivated and enjoy what you are eating. Joy is so important if you wanna be succesful, in anthing really, but also when it comes to food. Together we can develop new routines that fit your lifestyle and give you guidance in stressful times.

I love working with families and kids who are interested in a wholefood plantbased diet. But I would also love to help you with other issues and guide you to a healthier, happier life.
If you want to know more, just let me know!

Aromatherapy and Guidance on Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the main tools when it comes to dealing with any kind of discomfort in my family: tummy ache, cough, wounds, bumps, melt-downs … there are many occasions my 4 kids offer 🙂
It gives me great pleasure to share my experience and knowledge in this field with you. The oils have become part of our everyday routines, it’s impossible to imagine life without them. If you want to join us on our journey through the land of oils, please get in touch!

Certified EM-Coaching

Have you heard of effective microorganisms? I am happy to tell you everything I know about these most exciting creatures. They are the ideal complement to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Microbes are everywhere, on us, inside of us, all around us: and that’s a good thing! Without them life would not be possible. It’s time to leave scepticism about bacteria behind us and to discover how to live in perfect symbiosis with effetive microorganisms and how to profoundly profit from them!


Workshops in The Cheese Shop, Tralee V92 C6KH

13/01/23, 7pm:  GOODBYE SUGAR!

20/01/23, 7pm: DAILY DETOX

27/01/23, 7pm: POWER OF NATURE

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